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Alabaster Car Rentals is registered to operate Car Rentals and Tour services in Ghana. Alabaster Car Rentals is also licensed by the Ghana Tourist Board and is a member of the Car Rentals Association of Ghana (CRAG). The Company’s offices are located at Granada Hotel and Labone in Accra. The main office which is located at Granada hotel is just five minutes’ drive from the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), Accra.

Alabaster Car Rentals & Tours Ltd was originally registered and operated as Alamo Car Rentals & Tours Ltd in the year 2000. As a result of an internal restructuring program, the Board of Directors resolved to change the name of the company from Alamo to Alabaster in the year 2008.

In the year 2006, Alabaster by virtue of its leadership in the Car Rental industry was awarded the ‘Car Rental of the year 2005/2006 at the biennial Ghana Tourism Awards, a feat that was repeated in the 2007/2008 edition.

Who Is Alabaster

To meet the transportation needs of clients and, in doing so, exceed their expectations for service, quality and value and consequently become the best all-round transportation services provider.
To provide leadership and support necessary to drive long-term growth and customer satisfaction with our services and to become a world-class brand that passionately promotes quality at all levels thereby enhancing the brand’s competitive advantage.
Alabaster Car Rentals & Tours Ltd, even though listed to render services in Car Rentals, Tours and Travel Agency, has focussed mainly on car rentals and tour operations in the short term. The company plans to take advantage of the shortfall in the tourism industry by expanding its tour operations and providing travel services of international standards.
Alabaster provides Car Rentals service to a broad spectrum of clients including Business travellers, holiday travellers, public servants and tourists of various descriptions. Vehicles include a wide range of regular and executive saloon cars, SUVs, robust but comfortable 4x4s and buses. All the vehicles are fully air-conditioned and chauffeur-driven. Currently, we are providing bussing services to a number of multinational companies in Accra and various parts of Ghana.
Alabaster’s tour products focus mainly on historic and cultural (Histo-culture) attractions for its niche market. These are the products, which provide Ghana with a competitive advantage in the sub-region. In the main, Ghana’s tourism endowments are dominated by unique historical and heritage sites of world significance. Such monuments of the slave trade and best-kept cultural treasures are modelled on the indigenous system of governance which is still practiced side by side in modern systems of governance.

The uniqueness of Alabaster Car Rental’s tour packages is the inclusion of welcome and departure dinners with performances by special local cultural troupes which add flavour and nostalgic memories to the attractions.

To ensure comfortability and convenience, Alabaster Car Rentals & Tours Limited organizes a pick-up at the airport on arrival and arranges for Forex facilities at the Hotel at preferential rates. The support services provided by Alabaster Car Rentals Limited add significant value to its tours.

We maintain a professional management team of five (5) and Administrative/ Secretarial staff of five (6) with an auxiliary staff of forty-five (45). Alabaster, in addition to the regular car rental activities, currently handles a number of bussing contracts culminating in a great deal of experience in that field.
This policy revolves round our ability to render a packaged service to our clients under one roof devoid of the danger of being ponderously big and impersonal. Consequently, even though we have specialist professionals in charge of each activity of the company, a key figure is always handy to lend support at various stages in ensuring that the client derives a personal attention and full satisfaction from our services in relation to our fees.

Taking into cognisance of the various services we have on offer, it is our expectation that our clients will derive maximum advantage from our ability to smoothen the transportation management process at all times remembering that a prosperous and successful client will mean continuity in the relationship. And this philosophy finds expression across board on the premise that no client is too big or too small to receive our total attention.

The quality of service we offer our clients is our major strength. Thus throughout our relationship with our clients, we have operated in a manner that we believe has been mutually beneficial to our clients. It is our belief that our clients derive maximum advantage from our ability to smoothen the transport management process at all times.

We have a policy that constraints us to replace all vehicles over five years in our fleet. In furtherance of this objective, our company has a standing arrangement with some auto firms and major financial institutions in Ghana to procure new vehicles to augment our fleet of vehicles should the need arise.

We arrange frequent safety programmes for our drivers to refresh them on essential safe driving issues. These programmes are tailor made to suit the peculiar needs of our drivers and each driver is expected to go through the programme at least twice every year. This programme includes training in current safety measures, defensive driving, customer relations and security related issues. HSE policy and management practises are strictly adhered to.
Apart from after sales services provided by parent motor firms, two other reputable mechanical workshops are handy to ensure effective and smooth operation of our transportation services.
The company is listed with a reputable towing company to help effectively manage breakdowns as and when the need arises.
Alabaster Car Rentals & Tours Ltd.
Granada Hotel,
Kotoka International Airport, Accra.
P.O Box CT 4682 Cantonments, Accra.
TEL: +233(0)302768899 || +233(0)302787437
FAX: +233(0)302783513
MOB: +233(0)208114144
Email: info@alabastergh.com || operations@alabastergh.com



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